July 05, 2006

CPL Bryan Wilson
Boy Scout Troop 338 (Klondike, IN) salutes you and your supreme sacrifice.

June 26, 2006

It's Raining Bureaucrats
Reason #473 why you don't build your national capital on a swamp.

March 27, 2006

The Overwhelming Guilt...

Okay, so it's been almost a year since I posted last. My bad. But Craig's latest meme and a string of Bloom County references means I had to go at it again. For those of you who have checked back here repeatedly hoping for something, my bad. Hopefully I'll keep it up again this time...

Bloom County Strikes in Threes
Last night on Jeopardy, there was an answer on Deathtounge. Combined with today's news, that makes two out of three. What news from today:--to quote opus:

How I love to watch the morn, with golden sun that shines
Up above to nicely warm these frosty toes of mine
The wind doth taste of bittersweet like jaspar wine and sugar
I bet it's blown through others' feet, like those of BLANK

The States Meme

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Okay, so I'm doing this mostly to brag. But aslso because that's 49 stories to tell. I complete my lower 48 in December and I have memories of 47 of them. And we've got modified Three Dog Night lyrics for the 48th one

AL: The Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery is one of the coolest monuments I've ever seen.

AK: I think I had my mouth open the entire time I was here. Beautiful state

AZ: I have yet to be fully convinced that the Grand Canyon exists. All I saw was fog.

AR: Sadly enough, the only memory I have of Arkansas was watching Fraggle Rock in my Aunt and Uncle's house before they moved to Washington.

CA: New Year's Eve. Cork pops: ceiling, floor, wall, ceiling, trash can. Nothing but bag.

CO: Several hours spent playing pooh sticks with my cousins while at a family reunion in the wilderness.

CT: 2000 NAQT fall tournament 0-8 in first 8 rounds, 8-0 in last 8 rounds. Though it would have been 9-7 if I could have pronounced Nunavut correctly.

DC: We did Indiana-DC and back in a day in 1990. And what I remember most was the bus driver's stories about Spiro Agnew.

DE: Dover's state capitol looks like some miniature university. Really, that's about all I remember of Delaware.

FL: I think my family was the only one ever to prefer Epcot to Disneyworld...

GA: I spent one summer month here in 1997 that changed my life.

ID: We hopped out of the car in Boise long enough to take a picture of the capitol and then went right on through.

IL: If you leave Wrigley Field and go west you hit Lakeshore Drive, go east and you hit the interstate, go south and you're headed back to Indiana. So it figures that I led the group north in 1998.

IN: I actually tipped a canoe in the Tippecanoe River while on a Boy Scout trip.

IA: We drove to Washington state and back sometime in the summer of 1990, rating restaurants and hotels the whole time. And the best restaurant on the whole trip was the last night at the Iowa Machine Shed in Urbandale.

KS: I got to sit at the head table for my great-grandfather's 90th birthday party in Wichita as the oldest (present) great-grandchild.

KY: Churchill Downs had a display that let you replay any Derby that had been broadcast. Al Michaels repeating "Alysheba" is now etched in my memory.

LA: Anti-Deluvian New Orleans smelled quite a bit like a fraternity basement...

ME: The only true college "road trip" I ever did was to Maine in summer 2000. If I ever retire, I'd love to have it be there.

MD: I di a whirlwind weekend in early May 2002 which included a job interview and a trip to the National Archives to see some just declassified documents to incorporate into my thesis.

MA: A full day of quiz bowl trash and then a free Three Dog Night concert. That's a good day.

MI: Trashionals 2002 at U of M may have been the longest weekend of my life. I had no clue if I was going there for grad school, was fretting about my thesis, and had to deal with three teammates constantly arguing about the best music (indy, heavy metal, or punk).

MN: USA vs. Norway in women's soccer outside Minneapolis. I'm not sure who had more fans...

MS: I got kicked out of a casino in Biloxi and sent to the arcade. That's about it.

MO: Our first MLB game as a family. It featured a benches clearing brawl with Tom Herr getting injured.

MT: I've been to Glacier National Park, but I don't remember much of it other than getting stuck in a really long line of cars.

NE: You know it's cliche, but there really are some good steakhouses in Omaha.

NV: I may never pick a World Series winner again, but the Arizona Diamondbacks paid off nicely for me. Even more of a shock that

NH: I had spent less than 24 hours in the state in 1995 before deciding to spend 4 years here.

NJ: I am a tollbooth operator. I am the latest in technology. Oops, I have a defect. Explanation here.

NM: My uncle unleashed a 475+ yard drive at Pendaries when he dumped his ball into a creek parallel to the #5 fairway. He chipped within 20 feet and then 3-putted for a par.

NY: 1994 Junior High Chess Nationals, started off 3-1, finished 3-4. I just started trying too hard. Huge disappointment

NC: I took the SAT-II in German in Asheville, NC, over 500 miles from my home. I'm sure they thought it was a typo.

ND: North Dakota's capitol building is a 10-story art deco office building . It's by far the most unique capitol my family's been to.

OH: I won my first quiz bowl tournament at Case in 2002 by breaking an OT tie with VCU on a quick buzz on "Shia Islam" after being useless the whole game.

OK: Well, I've never been to heaven. But I've been to Oklahoma. They told me I visited here. But I really don't remember-I was two.

OR: The road dropping into Pendleton is really steep. It took 25 minutes for one of my ears to pop.

PA: Erie has no phone books. Or at least none we could find in all the places we looked.

RI: The DCMB got into a chanting contest with the Brown crowd on national TV. But at least the women's hockey team won.

SC: Completed the lower 48--and the family may or may not have seen Ted Turner.

SD: We spent several hours at the geology museum at South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City while our car was being fixed.

TN: My brother was forced to go to several of my visits to college campuses, but Vanderbilt may have been the only one I was dragged to. Beautiful campus and although he didn't go there, they got a third Philpy.

TX: Okay, I don't actually remember this, but apparently around age 3 I gave two of my uncles a tour of their own house in Midland when they got home from college, as I was so excited to see them.

UT: My father tried to order a beer at a Pizza Hut in Vernal. He got some strange looks.

VT: While trying to cross into Quebec for a Model UN tournament, the teammate in front of me mentioned he was representing Kazakhstan. Yeah, that delayed the trip...

VA: Sam Donaldson was behind me in line to vote this past election.

WA: The week I spent in Seattle it was hot and dry. We went to a Mariners game just to cool off.

WV: I always liked driving through West Virginia because there were tunnels. And because I was a fan of the John Denver song.

WI: I saw a French horn during a 4th of July parade in Rhinelander at a very young age and from then on, knew what instrument I wanted to play.

WY: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (when I was there it was Custer National Battlefield) has a national cemetery. Just in case you were curious.

June 27, 2005


April 20, 2005

Isaac Asimov Presents...
Camel jockeys!
This either reads like a very cool 21st century innovation, a bad sci-fi novel/movie, or an April Fool's Day joke. Camel jockeys are a big human rights issue in the Gulf, but I'm not sure anyone would have thought this would be how they solved the problem.

April 18, 2005

TV Trashes Iowa

So a nuclear warhead was stolen on the Fox show "24" tonight. Where was it stolen? Iowa. Why weren't satellites watching? Because it was in mountain terrain. Yes, that mountainous region of Iowa is very treacherous...especially if it existed.

February 08, 2005

TV Trashes Indiana
I was going to post to comment on CSI: Miami last night (which I saw because I was waiting for some laundry to finish), which involved several characters from Indiana. It's not that I was particularly proturbed with their portrayal or upset about them being portrayed as frustrated and in desparate need of dalliances. I was even amused by the number of idle college grads living in Indiana (44th in the nation in % of colelge graduates living in it--tied with Alabama). But there was one thing I objected to in the portrayal:

At one point one of the Hoosiers claims to be from Ohio, but her records can't be found in the Ohio DMV database. The person checking states something like, "I've checked all nearby states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas." At this point, Emily Proctor's character suggests "Try Indiana". I would have ignored this, except for the fact that my brother has been asked if Indiana was next to Colorado. Now, I'm not saying that everyone should know the state flower of Indiana*, but YOU OUGHT TO KNOW WHERE IT IS, or at least have some idea. There is no excuse for this except ignorance or bad geography education in this country.

Then tonight in the finals of the Jeopardy Teen Tournament, they included a character named "Hoosier Daddy" that featured 5 prominent Hoosiers. 3 of the 5 questions (David Letterman, Orville Reddenbacher, and Larry Bird) went dead, though oddly enough they got the question on Gus Grissom. Something must be done about this ignorance of Indiana--look in this space for future information if you care.

Please Use Only for Good
In this time of crappy SNL's, I've been reminded of certain good sketches. This one came to mind today.

Nominations Continue
Any bad films you can think of with two Oscar winners in them. If so, send 'em to me and I'll put up the nominees soon.

*The State Flower of Indiana is...
the peony. And the state tree is the tulip tree. Just in case you were curious.

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